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“Vivaan Technology and Management Solutions” has developed a Software Product for Effective and Efficient Management of Management System’s lie: ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc Product is a user‐friendly, disciplined approach to the ISO Standards and can be used to have integrated documentation with other related standards such as ISO 9001 QMS, 14001 EMS, OHSAS 18001 OH&SMS, etc. It has fulfilled the most critical requirements of ISO – Document and Record control through system programmed into the work‐flows of system documentation.

The product ensures that you can demonstrate compliance when you do your work using our product while you align your system documentation with it. It should be remembered that documentation is organization dependent, for example, number of processes and department etc.,Product keeps the job of designing, implementing and operating a Management Simple. This product has been written to suit with the requirements documentation needs (see clause 4.2.1 of ISO 9001:2008).

Product gives you confidence that you will be in compliance, enjoy bottom line benefits, and do it without the drudgery (hard / dull / hack work).

Product focuses on providing automated update of process/ department‐wise Master list as well as master list maintained at organizational level (very useful for the CISO / Management Representative). It is made possible for an organization to add‐on as many functions/ departments as the need be; Product enables a company to centralize and integrate key quality processes, such as:

• Design and development
• Marketing & Sales
• Purchase / Supplier quality,
• IT
• Manufacturing
• Internal/external audits
• Document and Record control
• Preventative maintenance and calibration
• Management Review

Key Features are:

1. Automated process for Review and Approval of Documents and Records
2. Automated process for Implementing approved Document Change Request
3. Master List automatically updated
4. Old versions automatically moved to Obsolete section
5. Automatic disposition of documents and records with expiry of Retention period
6. Access Controlled.
7. Alerts / Reminders on items like: Action Items, Internal Audit, NC Closure, etc
8. SMS / email for submitted requests.
9. Automated process for Back‐Up.
10. Fully integrated and secured.

Key Benefits are:
1. Paperless.
2. Improved Productivity.
3. Documents / Records made available instantaneously.
4. Awareness of Management System made very easy.
5. Ability to improve the effectiveness of MRM with data captured.
6. Provides data in various fashion for Continual Improvement.
7. Management of QMS is purely Process Driven.
8. Cost Reduction for managing and maintaining QMS.
9. Audit Time drastically reduced.

What an organization needs to do while implementing the System using this software?

1) Determine process / departments that form part of its System
2) Determine what exclusions are made by the organization
3) Determine the volume of documentation (of each dept./ process) that it wants to upload in the software
4) Where the organization prefers to have its some of the document / record in ERP / SAP a mere update in the master list and relevant system procedures serves the purpose to make reference to those system documentation
5) Decide the records it prefers to have it loaded in software
6) Based on the above, create approval levels for preparation, review, approval and implementation release for system documents and records (this is done by registering the designations initially; also, this can be updated as and when necessary)
7) Strictly adhere to the system procedure of document and record control
8) Enjoy hassle free system maintenance and demonstrate COMPLIANCE at any given point of time with utmost ease of access to system documentation

Still you have a doubt or need more guidance to ease out your system documentation???
No worry. Just call Vivaan Technology and Management Solutions and fix a date for an awareness programe

It is wiser to opt for this software – this will be your statement of experience soon after you practice using it.

We invite you to explore our products and services. If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact us.